Value Added Resellers

We've licensed companies to issue updates for our products direct to vessels at sea through ADMIRALTY Chart Agents. These electronic couriers, or Value Added Resellers (VARs), supply correction datasets tailored to a vessel's portfolio of ADMIRALTY charts and publications. The datasets are derived from the ADMIRALTY digital files on our website.

The electronic courier services help ship owners and masters to manage their chart and publication folios and comply with the International Safety Management Code.

These companies are licensed to deliver ADMIRALTY Notices to Mariners on our behalf:

Value Added Reseller Website
American Nautical Services
B Cooke & Son Ltd
Boat Books Australia Pty Ltd
Bogerd Martin (Hong Kong) Ltd
C & C Marine Combine
CAIM (Cooperativa per Azioni Armamento Imprese Maritime)
Chart Track
ChartWorld International Limited
Chersoft Ltd
Da Gama Maritime Ltd
Datema Delfzijl BV
David Store Navigation Management 
E W Liner Charts & Publications
Easy Marine
Guangzhou Haining Maritime Service N/A
Harri Trading BV
Hong Yunn Sea Professional Company Limited
Maritime Services
Maryland Nautical Sales Inc.
Millenium Marine Services EPP
Motion Smith
NAVICO Norway AS (C-MAP Update Service)
Navtor AS
OneOcean (Canada) Inc
OneOcean Group Limited
Plymouth Sea Chest Limited
Poseidon Navigation Services Ltd
Qija Voyage Ltd
SEEKARTE Kapitän A. Dammeyer GmbH & Co. KG
Shanghai Ocean Nautical Supply Company N/A
Shenzhen Goldsailocean Navigation Article Co Ltd N/A
South Bank Marine
Suisca SL
Sweethigh Navigation Technology Limited
Todd Chart Agency Limited
Tyneside Nautical Charts & Publications
Vanos S A
Voyager Worldwide - A Global Navigation Solutions Limited Company
Voyager Worldwide -Yasden Denizcilik AS Company
Voyager Worldwide - A Safe Navigation Inc Company